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Dwindling art or shining star? ~ Take your pick!

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Over a hundred years after the Quit India Movement, there is another wave by the 138-year-old Khazir Sons to protect and promote the timeless legacy of Indian handlooms

TODAY marks the National Handloom Day. A day to honour the handloom weavers across the country and also carter and momentum to India’s handloom industry. Indian handlooms have been like the backbone occupation of the country after agriculture. India has over 13 million handloom weavers and their work is inspired from natural substances derived from various regions.  

Most of the Indian handloom weavers belong to rural sector of the society while their art and crafts travels internationally. Every individual has their own type of style in which they want to personify their life around; some collect stamps, while some collect painting or artifacts and antique pieces. Handlooms have been recognized by the unique creativity and skill of the weaver, his comprehension of colour, texture and function, the weaver’s capacity for rapid adaptation and production of small yardage in a variety of designs. Indian handloom designs takes its inspiration from nature and the products of various regions reflect the colors of the flora and fauna of that area and makes the uniqueness of handloom products which attracting the costumers to buy it.

India, being a country with solid culture encompasses different categories of handlooms products like cushion covers, bed sheets, shawls, household articles etc. Khazir Sons opened their gates 138 years ago and have been a pioneer in the Persian luxury handicrafts industry in Indian markets. This esteemed brand specialises in Kashmiri handicrafts whilst giving us a glimpse into the traditional culture and handloom skills established in valleys of Kashmir. This brand is not only imperialistic but also evolved the economy of Kashmir by employing them for their intricate creative cultural handloom weaving skills.  

Khazir focuses exclusively on Persian and Mughal style products which define their legacy in the prestigious handloom sector in the country; their vast range of handcrafted things are prepared from premium quality papiermâchés , walnut wood, sumptuous metal antiques etc.  

While their exclusive collections include handlooms like coasters, candle stands vases, sculpted animals, ornaments trunk, animal figures, luxurious jewel embossed carpets and a lot more. Khazir is an luxurious dazzling souvenir collectives for anyone to gift. The anthology is created and designed by local Kashmiri dwellers and small scale artists who justify the beauty in their handlooms proving them the rich and cultural root touch we desire.

A legacy nurtured and nourished over a century, Khazir Sons are now able to showcase their high-end product range of authentic Kashmiri handicrafts to the e-commerce market! Founded in 1880, this brand’s patronage boasts of royals of Jammu and Kashmir such as Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh. And now, each of these deluxe products will be available at your fingertips and accessible by all, as the website is recently launched on May Day.  

The premium product line:

Deeply rooted in Persian, Mughal and Kashmiri culture, the vast range of products offered includes

  • Lush and elegant pashmina & cashmere stoles/shawls
  • Mussar- A traditional Arab headgear for men available in a myriad of colours
  • Hand-made papier mâché items- a remarkable art form distinctive to Kashmir
  • Handicrafts made of walnut wood- deemed to be of the best quality in Kashmir
  • Opulent antiques made of copper to adorn your beautiful homes
  • Intricately designed carpets hand-woven from silk or wool, often incorporating jewels to give your home the lux quotient you desire.

Each of these products are delicately hand-made by Kashmiri artisans native to the birthplace of this art.

Making luxury available to all:

Khazir Sons aims to bridge the gap between the demand for these exclusive luxury items and their availability. With a plan to continue adding larger amounts of diverse products to their offerings, the brand hopes to be one of the largest inventories of Kashmiri, Persian and Mughal handicrafts online. The quality of their products speaks for itself, with testimonials of endorsement from royals such as the King of Jammu & Kashmir; Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh. Having lived through several generations, Khazir sons has evolved alongside technology and kept abreast with changing trends in fashion, while still remaining close to its roots of authentic Kashmiri art.  

Changing their lives, not their culture:

This venture is aimed to benefit not only the consumers, but also the artisans responsible for the creation of each exclusive masterpiece. As part of their CSR activities, Khazir Sons employ local Kashmiri artisans to design and create all of their products. This has helped boost employment as well as the general economy of the state, as partially Kashmir’s economy is directly dependent on the handicraft trade. In addition, these craftsmen are able to showcase their skills to the best of their abilities, as the designs are left to their discretion. When in conversation with Saddam Zaroo; Managing Director of Khazir Sons and fourth generation heir, he said “We like to give our artisans creative freedom with designs and patterns, which results in each item being distinctly different from each other allowing customers to possess one of a kind item unique to their homes. Most of the designs are inspired by vintage architecture and nature.”

Protecting the legacy:  

The launch of will be the beginning of a new era for the brand, making the procurement of their opulent product range easy and seamless. Free shipping and delivery of these goods is guaranteed within 3-5 business days worldwide. This convenient feature is sure to pique the interest of a global clientele thus increasing awareness of the Khazir Sons dynasty.

In a world of ever changing trends, it is becoming increasingly important to protect and preserve dying cultures and their art. Khazir Sons strives to do just that, making it possible for the coming generations to experience and witness the rich heritage of our country.

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