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4 ways to flavour fish

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Fish is the ultimate lean protein but many of us aren’t very sure of how to cook it. But did you know that by far it is the easiest protein to make into a healthy, tasty meal? Here are some simple ways you can make your favourite fish flavourism and gorge on it without being concerned about putting on weight:

Marinate: This is one of the best known ways to cook meat, a simple marinade is said to add tons of flavours without putting on excess calories. Grilling or baking it accompanied by condiments can make it into a wholesome meal.

Zesty rub: Another exemplary way to spice up a boring fish is by rubbing it with a combination of herbs and zest before baking in a parchment or butter paper. This yummy rub is packed with various flavours and is guaranteed to impress even the skeptical fish eaters!

Fresh herbs: Have you ever tried having fish with thyme, oregano or basil? These herbs are packed with powerful vitamins and antioxidants and they are light and healthy. Not only do they give the fish a delicious taste but also ensure that it is fat free.

Cream sauce: There can be nothing more amazing than having your favourite fish with a delicious fish sauce. It’s yummy and packed with vital nutrients. Make sure that you either grill your fish or have it baked.

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