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Are you falling in love for a Happily (N)ever After?

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Witness the love game unfold on MTV Splitsvilla XI  as couples make tough choices to stay in the game

L.O.V.E has often confused the brightest minds and the deepest souls. Is love a feeling or an emotion or a result of perfectly balanced equations? Would overused clichés help gain the desired intimacy with your beloved? Or would scientific scrutiny help prevent two individuals from heading towards a Happily (n)ever after? Adding fuel to the raging war that ensues between hopeless love and science, MTV Splitsvilla XI is back with a refreshing take on dating – Emotions vs Science, that captures the fate of the contestants.   

The dating reality show revolves around a social experiment where an Oracle – a mathematical algorithm will perform a vital role in finding the ideal partner for contestants. Ten single men and nine women will be seen living together with a shared goal to find their ‘perfect’ match. To safeguard their position in the game and make their way to the throne, each splitsvillan will have two choices – follow their heart or seek the oracle secretly. Adding twist to this tale, any help from the oracle will entail a consequence. A price that pays off or a price they pay, time shall tell. Set amidst the lush green forests of Jim Corbett, a powerful aphrodisiac, the couples will be tested for their faith in love, or their trust in science.

On her stint with the show, the vivacious and stunning, Sunny Leone said, “There was a time when falling in love was easy and it wasn’t about making choices. Today’s youth not only makes a conscious decision before choosing a partner but considers multiple factors as well. This season of MTV Splitsvilla will see contestants in a setup which will have an array of options in addition to someone’s advice at disposal. To take the advice or no – is again a choice so will that help them win true love, the game or both – the love game just keeps getting better with time, isn’t it?”

 MTV Splitsvilla is all about going above and beyond for what one really wants, it could be love, game or both. It is amazing to see the youth making some bold choices which showcases the grit they hold.  This is one of the reasons why the show is exciting and the novelty that it brings which makes the whole love game so much more exhilarating, Rannvijay Singh.

With every season of Splitsvilla, MTV aims at to conceptualise themes which are entertaining and relevant. In the day and age of algorithms, does the youth think through before falling in love?

Stay tuned to know if love precedes science on the premier episode of MTV Splitsvilla XI starting 5 August at 7.00 PM!


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