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DURING the journey from farm to consumer, fruits and vegetables are handled by multiple people and usually displayed in the open in markets. As a result, they could be contaminated with microbes, soil, dirt, as well as pesticide residues. Cleaning them properly is thus an important step in staying healthy. In the face of the pandemic “Covid-19”that continues to be on a rise, using vegetables and fruit disinfectant has becomes even more significant than ever as it helps disinfect fresh produce. 

The compact Wall-Mounted and Counter Top Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant, KENT becomes the ideal choice for consumers as it efficiently remove germs, bacteria, chemicals, waxes and soil present on the surface of fruits and vegetables without leaving any residue, aftertaste or smell.

The appliance is packed with distinctive features such as chemical-free ozone technology that not only removes pesticides, chemicals, etc, from the surface of your fruits, vegetables and rice but even makes your meat safer; it helps in cleaning antibiotics and hormones that invariably exist in meat, fish, and other sea food.

Another highlight is that the Food purified by KENT Vegetable Disinfectant remains fresh and de-odorised for longer duration and has a higher shelf life.

This user friendly appliance has a sleek and modern design that makes it suitable for wall-mounting and must have for all kitchens. Moreover, it has a very long shelf life and requires hassle-free maintenance as it does not need any service or change of parts. 

Priced at INR 7,000, KENT Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant is available is available at all KENT outlets and online on

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