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In conversation with Sanil Sachar, a national best-selling author, Debameeta Bhattacharya digs in about his life, upcoming book, love for football and much more.

WHAT would you say about a full of spirit 26-year-old author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a movie producer? Someone who has accomplished quite a bit at this young age? True, this young man from New Delhi has. Sanil Sanchar is diversity in himself — a writer inspired by real life incidents, who firmly believes that fiction is spurred by reality. He is of the few writers in India to have over 120 works of poetry, 25 short stories, 2 plays and two novel published. Even though he is an avid sportsperson, writing was married to him when he moved to England at the age of 16, to pursue his goal towards football. With an aim of creating a positive change in sectors of his passion, Sachar began a company providing innovative and convenience driven products and services. He is also responsible for bringing in TRUSOX, a global sports brand to India, with the endeavor of enhancing the sporting culture and propelling Indian sports. A mentor for writers, guest columnist for Business World Disrupt and The Huffington Post, a prominent public and motivational speaker, and a movie producer (Mantra). A method writer living vicariously through his characters, Sachar lives his life one word at a time.
His recent book Rebound, the third to his kitty is set to release soon, published by Rupa Publications, while he is currently working on a movie script. While there’s more, here are excerpts from an interview:

Which real-life incidents brought you to writing?

The lack of reading at a certain age, when I was busy concentrating on running on the field and avoiding books made me experience a lot and miss out on the companionship books gives you! I think starving myself of literature was a primary reason for me taking to writing like jam (in my case, Nutella) on toast!  But the moment that got my writing from the pages I kept hidden with me (or in my case, mostly the notes in my Blackberry), was a push from one of oldest friends. He prompted I start putting my writing up on a blog and that’s what kick-started this unexpected journey.  If it weren’t for his persuasion, I’m not sure when or who would have made me get comfortable with exposing my writing to the world.

You said you live world one word at a time. What does it mean? 

Every decision, move, an action we take changes not from a series of actions but the one starting decision we take. That’s how I see it. We all get really lost in the totality of the situation that we forget the essence of the moment that gets everything we are doing, going. For me, it is the action of one word which propels everything. By living one word at a time, we have the chance to appreciate the process and the result.

How did Trusox happen?

It was luck by chance! By that, I mean simply being at the right place at the right time. I got introduced to the product when I was playing football in England. From wearing what was a product, to then getting involved to what is now a global sports brand, is nothing short of luck by chance, for me. Even now, with the fantastic team around the world, I learn with each decision taken on how Trusox is looking to penetrate further into the market, with its core value in place. That’s where it started for me. It was the love of sports that got me to it and it’s the passion for sportspeople that is making me and the entire team work harder and smarter.

You are just 26, a national-bestselling author, and have over 120 poetries, 25 short stories and published a novel in your name. How does it feel to have achieved all that at such a young age?

It certainly is extremely rewarding to see the love and support I get from my readers, and well-wishers. In truth, it’s not the books and acclaim they have gotten but close to 200,000 odd words that have been missed out on and the relentless spells of internal frustration, that make this love and support mean so much. I remember writing one of my first poems before I ever got published and readers thoughts it was an existing authors piece of work and not mine. That in itself became of the proudest moments. The recognition of work is wonderful but I promised myself never to chase the result. For me the process is where the adrenaline is.

What’s this latest book all about?  

Rebound is inspired by the true story of a schizophrenic. It is set in the circus life, where Abhimanyu grows up to the hardships of being deprived of a family and love. The story is centred around love and its various forms. It covers schizophrenia as a key theme, as that is a condition Abhimanyu is fighting, along with all the other plots and twists that make Rebound, a romantic mystery with several leading characters trying to fight for what they love, whether it is with or even against those they love.

You wanted to be a footballer. Why didn’t you pursue that as a career option?

After a point, when the goalkeeper started saving most of my attempts at goal, I realised maybe the goalkeeper isn’t all that good and maybe I need to improve! (Haha!) In truth, I loved football, as I still get an adrenaline rush like no other when I am on the field. However, if I was to pursue football for life, I don’t think I would have been able to follow the other passions and interests that football got me towards. It was football that enabled me to write, become an entrepreneur and venture into fields I didn’t think I would. The opportunity cost here was football but that doesn’t stop me from gearing up, when the time comes.

Businessman, writer, motivational speaker, movie producer… what’s next?

For now, all this is plenty and more, and I love the time it is taking from me. I want to continue going deeper in these fields, and making as much impact I can and provide the support needed. With my incubator, Huddle, I am looking to expand the base to various cities and cater to several more startups. As a writer, I am always on the lookout for more stories to write (the best perk of being a writer!) I want to keep moving forward with all the stakeholders involved with me. The point here isn’t to do everything but to do everything I can in anything I am involved in. But now that we are on the subject of what next for, I’m curious, what do you have in mind for me? (Haha!)

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