Weather it is a 3D movie or live feed on any social media platform, I personally like viewing it on a big screen. Talking about social media, Instagram may well continue to be all the rage but the app is plagued with a limitation if you’re swinging between two or more accounts. Here’s where Grids come in handy, presenting a rare native solution for viewing Instagram posts on a desktop.
With support for multiple accounts, Think Time Creations provides a 4.5.7 version where Grids ensures you to experience and view your Instagram feed in a sleek, refined fashion. This exquisitely adaptive user interface works remarkably well on displays of every size. You can upload photos or comment on the same and your notification even gets a fast-forward with regard to news feed, followers, likes, comments, mentions and requests.
While the basic app comes gratis, a $8.99 (one-time payment) upgrade affords support for multiple accounts and the ability to search for users and hashtags. And you can also keep tabs on photos and users tagged within this sphere — namely, location, hashtag or single photo/video.
The basic design allows only one layout option but you can choose from four designs — square, brief, vertical and horizontal — to view your Instagram feed, plus also configure display with options like background colour, grid size and more.
Then again, while Instagram is constricted to traditional square photos, Grids offers additional white spaces to non-square images prior to uploading, a feat that makes the going real easy. The app is readily available for Windows XP, Vista 7, 8 and 10 with a 10-day free trial period. That said, download from the official site to lend credence to the nothing-ventured-nothing-gained adage.