FAVRE-LEUBA is out with Raider Sea Bird Women — an ideal companion for modern women who embrace challenges, think and act independently and those who defy convention and cultivate their own unique style. This new ladies’ watch is irrefutable proof that aesthetic beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive, and that a feminine look can surely be strong, distinctive, and sporty. Generously sized, rectangular, appliquéd index marks and distinctive, easily readable and luminous hands make a powerful statement on an otherwise minimalist dial. Four different dial colors can be chosen from: a pure white that radiates brightness, a captivating copper tone with a shimmering glow, a classic brown that exudes timeless style, and a deep royal blue that conjures up images of the unfathomable depths of the ocean and the boundless expanse of the sky. Price: Approximately Rs 1.5 lakh

The Sky Chief Chronograph for Men combines the functionality of a chronograph with the practical benefit of a rotating bezel, which allows the wearer to define new benchmarks. With this year’s collection highlight, Favre-Leuba offers further proof of its values such as defiance, ingenuity and the pioneering spirit, that have defined the brand for over the rich 279 years. Price: Approximately Rs 2.41 lakh. Both timepieces are available at Ethos watch boutiques.



FRENCH Institute in India in association with Alliance Francaise, Bonjour India festival recently concluded curating and creating one of the…