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ABOUT a month back, Superhits 93.5 Red FM successfully concluded the first edition of ‘Short to Fame’ at NSHM Knowledge Campus Auditorium. The platform,‘Short to Fame’ gave a unique opportunity for budding filmmakers to showcase their imaginative and original filmmaking through this podium. The FM Channel offered a rare chance to the creative minds across the city to submit their short films within a duration of 30 minutes in either Hindi, Bengali or English. In the first round of shortlisting, in-house judges of 93.5 Red FM selected the best films of the lot which was then judged by renowned Tollywood directors, Arindam Sil, Anindya Chatterjee and Kamaleshwar Mukherjee at the event. The winning film Butterflies of War by director Debanjan Majhi made its way to become the inaugural shortfilm at International Short Film Festival, Kolkata 2017.  This will deem fit to compete with other international entries as well at ISFFK 2017. Apart from that the second runner-up “Awntorale Ananya” (The Two Companions) directed by Nilimesh Kar and  third runner-up “Complain” directed by Anupama Sirsalewala  got direct entry to the competition.
Butterflies of War took home the top honours with its gripping narrative, innovative concept and amazing production design. Awntorale Ananya touched hearts with its poignant story-telling and wonderful acting, while Complain caught judges’ attention due to its fast-pace thrilling treatment of the story. After witnessing such fascinating work by young directors, ISFFK jury had to change its initial decision and gave direct entry to top three films instead of one.
Commenting on the occasion 93.5 Red FM station head Trina Chatterjee stated, “Our whole idea for the ‘Short to Fame’ initiative was to give the much needed platform to the newcomers in the field of film making who in spite of possessing incredible talent can’t showcase it to the world due to lack of opportunity. At Red FM, we believe in finding and nurturing talent, so that they can make it big on their own. For these budding filmmakers International Short Film Festival Kolkata is perhaps the best platform … and now through ‘Short To Fame’ they are getting direct entry into that”
Mukherjee, who had been part of ISFFK since its inception, said, “Thanks to 93.5 Red FM for bringing a fresh crop of talent today on one stage. While watching the films, as directors we also gained a new perception on different dynamics of film-making. It is important to celebrate such great works which give validation and in turn boost confidence of new film-makers who look forward to such appreciation.”
Tollywood’s favourite director Arindam Sil expressed his excitement on being part of this initiative. He said, “I am astounded to see such new perspective in terms of over-all film-making. The new directors have really given us a fresh insight in terms of production design, acting, direction and overall treatment of each film. Our industry needs a fresh pool of talent and ‘Short to Fame’ made all right efforts in that direction.”

Adding to that director Anindya Chatterjee of Projapoti Biskut fame commented, “I have always worked with newcomers for all my films and admired their daring quality when it comes to expressing themselves.  93.5 Red FM’s ‘Short to Fame’ indeed acknowledged such daring streak in young talents and brought some able newcomers to the forefront.”


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