Thalis never tasted better

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There’s no better way to celebrate the art of eating Gujarati and Rajastani in the purest of form this Diwali than in Khandani Rajdhani, writes debameeta bhattacharya

IT all begins with a glass of Chaas, just a sip to stimulate your taste buds and prepare you for the attack of dishes to follow. Only here, the “attack” isn’t what you’d call unpleasant. Not in the least. Desserts make up the vanguard, while impossibly various bowls of dal, kofta, kadi, dahi vada and the aromatic ghee sprinkled on every chapatti and puran polis form the rest of the army. The only casualty? Ah.. Your stomach – happily crammed and pleading for mercy. Before one starts visualising, lets dig in!

food Collage2Bringing to the city over five decades of heritage, Khandani Rajdhani has livened up Kolkata’s food scene with its astounding array of vegetarian food. And with festive time doing the rounds, why slog in the kitchen when you can have the best of veggies on your plate that will spoil your for choices!
This Diwali celebrate scrumptious food and loads of happiness with your loved ones with Khandani Rajdhani’s Diwali Thali.

food CollageStarting from today, Khandani Rajdhani will heighten the Diwali festivities with its special edition thali. From irresistible farsan, main courses and desserts… ah! There’s no stopping! From Rajasthani Mawa Kachori, Anjeer Gujiya and Laal Aloo Bhari to a dessert safari of Mewa Lapsi, Kesar Phirni, Dryfruit Doodhpak, Dryfruit Gud Laddoo, Moong Dal Halwa, Adiya Pak and Goond ka Ladoo are sure to please everyone. For those who like novelty in their food, there is ample gastronomical delight in store. Fruit Basaundi, Gulab Jamun Custard, Kesar Modak with Elachi Rabdi will surely let you leave the joint on a sweet note!
Starting from today, the festival is on till 22 October from 12.30-3.30 pm and 7.30 -11pm.


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