Tried Unfollow as yet?

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WITH so much happening around Kolkata, who’s not looking for followers on Instagram? But then, when everybody seems to have more followers than you, you don’t wish to experience FOMO.
Last weekend, halfway through the silent headphones party at Novotel, when my Instagram feed was officially overwhelmed, I decided to check my phone. No matter how far I scrolled it was the same… repetitive images of shabby selfies and groupfies, after-party photos, and so on. Yawn!
For the next 30 minutes, I unfollowed dozens of users from my account. Out went the accounts that posted ceaselessly, those who would post everything they would lay their eyes on. Then there were those who never followed me back!
So how do you make things easier? Simple! Download InstagramUnfollow. Unlike Facebook, which allows users to blissfully stalk or ignore their friends in private, this one helps to keep track of the brand’s engagement. Here individual users have been known to download them to find out who among their followed users don’t follow them back. The apps also sendthe user an alert when anyone unfollows him or her.
Phew! I’m sorted!


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